Buying real estate What Germans would do without for a dream home

Buying real estate What Germans would do without for a dream home

Buying real estate What Germans would do without for a dream home

Very few people can pay for a property out of the postage. That the prices are made it even more difficult. It is the highest increase since the Federal Statistical Office recorded the so-called house price index. For most Germans it is clear: they have to put back elsewhere.

The Immoscout24 platform asked a good 1000 people what they would do without for a new or nicer home. Obviously, at the top of the list are things the lack of which does not affect everyday life too much. Almost every second respondent could imagine going less shopping, 40 percent would save on vacation and 33 percent on leisure activities. Of course, multiple answers were also possible, so there are also people who would restrict themselves in several areas.

It is interesting that the survey reveals differences between the age groups. : 53 percent would limit themselves here. The middle age group of 40 to 49 year olds, on the other hand, would do without vacation particularly often (45 percent).

When it comes to things that they really need in their everyday lives, the respondents are less willing to save. Only one in five people would want to limit themselves to their car. Surprisingly, men seem to be less attached to cars than women: 23 of the men would do without, but only 17 percent of women. After all, one in ten respondents would even backslide when it comes to their old-age provision.

When Immoscout24 asked Germans the same questions ten years ago, the situation was still different: Even then, around one in five wanted to restrict themselves to their car. In 2001, however, that was the highest of all values. Back then, only half as many people wanted to forego vacation as they do today (also around a fifth). At that time, shopping was not surveyed in general, but only in relation to luxury products (17 percent wanted to limit themselves here).

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The figures also clearly show how much the situation on the market for real estate has worsened: at that time, more than half of the people believed they could afford a property without having to restrict themselves at all. In the current survey, only 14 percent believe that they do not have to limit themselves if they want to improve their living situation.

Real estate prices continue to rise, supply is scarce, and credit is still cheap. But the dream of owning a home can only come true if buyers finance wisely and avoid common mistakes. .