Car maker Daimler calls back the new S-Class because of steering problems

Car maker Daimler calls back the new S-Class because of steering problems

Car maker Daimler calls back the new S-Class because of steering problems
The seventh generation of the luxury sedan is not only an important image carrier, but also one of the most profitable models of the Swabians.  Source: Reuters

A few months after the market launch of the most important Mercedes model, Daimler has to recall up to 1,400 luxury sedans of the new S-Class worldwide. In certain vehicles, the right tie rod was not installed in the front axle steering, said a spokesman, confirming a report on Tuesday.

As a result, “the required minimum screw-in depth to the outer tie rod is not given”. Ultimately, the steering of the vehicle could be impaired and the risk of an accident increased. In a letter to the customers, the models delivered were ordered “immediately” to the workshops, reported the magazine.

The seventh generation of the luxury sedan, which came on the market in autumn, is an important image carrier for Daimler. The S-Class is considered to be the epitome of German engineering and, in the self-image of the Mercedes developers, is nothing less than “the best automobile in the world”.

But even more important for Daimler: No other vehicle delivers such reliably high returns to the Swabians. Thanks to margins of sometimes more than 20 percent with average sales prices above 120,000 euros, the internally named W223 model alone contributes an estimated two billion euros to the annual operating profit at Daimler. The model launch was flanked by an extensive international advertising campaign with the stars Alicia Keys, Lewis Hamilton and Roger Federer.

In good years, the Stuttgart-based company sells more than 100,000 units of the S-Class. The most important sales market for the model is China. The particularly pompous Maybach variant of the Mercedes flagship is also very popular in the Far East. Mercedes-Benz always emphasizes that it places the highest demands on vehicle technology in terms of safety. At more than 40,000, the number of orders is, according to Daimler, higher than the level reached by the previous model when the model was launched.

The S-Class is built exclusively in Sindelfingen. Daimler had more than 700 million euros in the new production hall of the model. The so-called Factory 56 is the most modern Mercedes factory. It is fully networked and robots are increasingly taking over the work. As a result, among other things, Daimler hopes that production will be 25 percent more efficient than in conventional factories.

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